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How Much Are You Paying For Your Employees To Be Off Work?

How can you be certain that their absence is genuine? In 2010 official estimates showed that over 20% of sickness absence was fraudulent causing companies to suffer unneccessary financial strain. Maintaining payments for long term sick leave puts a heavy burden on an employer but one that is acceptable if the absence is genuine.

Paying out for someone who is not genuinely sick will put an untold burden on your companies financial future. Find out more click here >>

Can You Afford To Ignore Time Theft?

Do you have an employee who clicks off the computer screen as soon as you walk into their office or someone who is texting throughout the day? If you have such an employee they are stealing time from you and it is costing you and the company money.

This problem can be easily monitored and provide a cost effective way of finding out who is stealing time from you. This will allow you to decide on the appropriate course of action and ultimately save you hundreds of pounds. Find out more click here >>

Who Are You In Business With?

Do you really want to find out the answer to this when it is too late? But the references looked real and their expertise sounded genuine, they seemed to know what they were talking about!

Before you go into partnership with someone or start dealing with a new company, find out whether they have provided you with the facts or just fiction. How can you do this. Find out more click here >>

Do You Know Who You Are Hiring?

Employing the right person is vitally important especially in today's competitive market. Any potential new employee should be made part of a routine screening to ensure they are who they claim to be BEFORE they are hired. False qualifications and references are very easily obtained.

How can you eliminate the fact from the fiction? Find out more click here >>

Do You Know Exactly What Your Employees Are Really Doing?

How do you monitor employees activities and discreetly collect the proof you need without causing disharmony in the workplace? Valuable time and money is lost daily in the workplace due to unproductive employees.

Using tried and tested methods we can help you to be able to leave your employees safe in the knowledge that they are working. Find out more click here >>

We Can Save You Money!

When it is hard to work out why your employee costs are rising and profits are dropping yet the work you are taking on has increased it is time to investigate.

Recent studies are showing that Employee costs are rising. Some are not easy to quantify without the qualitfied help. We can ensure that you know where these hidden costs are and how to remove them. Find out more click here >>